SEASON ONE – Episode List

Posted: July 9, 2015 in recap, Report, Stories

The Hunting is an American-Brazilian-French-Spanish fan-based supernatural drama Roleplaying Game series, created by Duncan Salazar, that follows best friends Beatrice “B.A” Anderson and Ashley “Hendrix” Hendricks, as they travel through United States trying to find the monster that killed Hendrix’s brother (as seen on Episode 1). The series is a fan-mande SPINOFF straight from the Supernatural series (created by Eric Kripke, no copyright infringement intented), and borrows heavily from that show’s mythology, introducing new elements to the new series.

So far, their main adversaries were witches, demons, ghosts, and the Big Bad Wolf, the target of their investigation.
The series premiered on March 10, 2011 on the website The Hunting. The first season was developed in 20-episode format, and was roleplayed for over 4 years. The Season 1 finale took place on July, 9, 2015.

The Episode List for Season One it is as follows. The map show the route taken by the main characters:


The route for Season 1. Names of places are next to the episodes' titles.

The route for Season 1. Names of places are next to the episodes’ titles.

1 – The Night of the Wolf (Washington, DC)
2 – Last Rites (Earls)
3 – Coming of Age (Roanoke)
4 – Let Me Go (Lawsonville)
5 – A Can of Troubles (Bear Branch)
6 – Oh, Georgia (Atlanta)
7 – Jackson (Jackson, Mississipi)
8 – Three Little Witches, Part 1 (Louisiana)
9 – Zombie Night, Part 2 (Louisiana)
10 – Winchesters AKA The Tarantino Episode, Part 3 (Louisiana)
11 – Alligator Man (Baton Rouge)
12 – I Miss Alabama Already (Alexandria)
13 – That Girl is Strange (Orange)
14 – Sloutching Towards Her, Part 1 (Jasper)
15 – Two Become One (Milan)
16 – Daniel Spitz, MIA (Nacogdoches)
17 – The Hag of Carthage (Carthage)
18 – Remember… (Natchez)
19 – The Wolf Hunt, Parte 1 (Swiftwater)
20 – The Wolf in Me, Parte 2 [Season Finale] (Money, Mississipi)

The Soundtrack for Season 1

The Soundtrack for Season 1

Season Two is already in the works. All cast has been already confirmed, and some new faces will come to play. Stay tuned.
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