Mysterious Floating Orb Haunts Space Museum

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Incorporeal, investigation, Report, Sighting

Is this a ghost, an alien… or both?

A strange orb was captured on video last week at the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville, Florida and no one that works there knows what it is or what it wants.
It appeared multiple times zipping around a room containing “artifacts, memorabilia, records and photos from the Mercury and Gemini space programs,” according to the museum.
“We can’t explain it, nor can the fellas who put in the system for us,” president of the museum, Charlie Mars, told WKMG News.
He suggests it could be the spirit of someone who donated an item to the museum and has since died.
Both the lights and AC were both off, he says, so it’s not likely a dust particle or glare as many others believe it to be.
The building is 100 years old, so it’s obviously a ghost of some sort.

We have just started an investigation, and will update this post later on. 


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