RELATÓRIO – The Alligator-Man

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Legend, Report, Sighting

While investigating the Mausoleum, which sent “strange vibes” towards Ashely, the ESP girl, the Hunting gourp found strange information concerning the killing of citizens in swamp area of New Orleans.

There, they faced the Alligator-Man, a lycantrope local legend which tooke residence inside the abandoned Lorelai Mine, next to the bank of the river.

  1. Daniel Spitz says:

    it was a very harsh decision to go inside that cave without the girls. I feel better knowing that, despíte my actions, they managed.

  2. Ainda bem que tinha bala de prata…
    Foi divertido, sabe. Tirando a parte em que tivemos que segurar as nossas tripas até chegar no hospital. Acho que o sangue atrapalhou um pouco na hora de atirar na criatura, errei mais do que devia. Da próxima vez eu não erro mais!

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