Investigators and Groups

Posted: July 28, 2010 in HowTo, Organizations, Report, Sighting

In case you guys ever need any help, check them out:

Antelope Valley Haunts
Weird sites explored in the high desert.
American Paranormal Investigations
Documenting and investigating paranormal phenomena
British Paranormal Alliance
Paranormal research team which promotes working together with other groups
The Bristol Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
Carolinas Paranormal Research Society
Research group based in North and South Carolina
Connecticut Paranormal Association
Volunteer organisation offering help with paranormal events.
Connecticut Paranormal Investigations
Investigation group based in Connecticut, USA
Central Oregon coast Researchers of Paranormal Society
Delaware Valley Paranormal Association
Paranormal group based in Delaware
DNA Paranormal
Dimensions of the North Atlantic
Entity Seeker
Paranormal group based in Alberta, Canada
Fort McMurray Alberta Ghost Hunters Society
The only paranormal research team at Fort McMurray.
Fulton County Paranormal Society
Paranormal society that’s based in upstate New York.
Georgetown Paranormal Society
Group operating in Georgetown and the surrounding area.
Ghost hunters of the southern territories.
Ghost Research Foundation
Investigative research group based in Pennsylvania
Ghost Search UK
A UK based paranormal investigator team
The Society for Paranormal Investigation and Evaluation
Gold Coast Paranormal
Group based on the Palm Beach County, Florida
Hampshire Ghost Club
UK based paranormal investigation group
Haunted Chicago
Paranormal research and investigations based in Chicago
HPI Paranormal
Haunted Paranormal Investigations based in Sacramento California.
Illinois Society of Paranormal Investigations
Lake Erie Area Paranormal Research Society
LIGHT Paranormal
Investigator group with their own paranormal radio show
Long Island Paranormal Investigators
Research group based in Long Island
Midnight Paranormal of North Carolina
Group based in North Carolina.
Mystic Supernatural Paranormal Investigation
Group based in the New York and PA area.
Northern California Unit of Paranormal Investigations
Nevada Paranormal Research Group (NPRG)
Paranormal group based in Las Vegas
New Jersey Investigations
Paranormal society based in New Jersey
New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society
A different paranormal society based in New Jersey
NorCal Paranormal Investigators
A top class paranormal group based in the San Francisco Bay area.
North State Paranormal Investigators
A non-profit organisation in upstate New York and Vermont.
Omega Paranormal Society
California based paranormal society
Paranormal group based in Boston USA.
Research group based in Philadelphia
Paranormal Investigators of New England
Investigation based in New England
Paranormal Investigators of South California
Investigation based in southern California
Paranormal New England
Paranormal investigators based near Boston
Paranormal UK
Paranormal group based in the UK.
Parasoc: The Myers Paranormal Society
Paranormal group based in Gloucestershire, UK.
Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society
Phoenix based paranormal group.
Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation
PROS Investigations
Investigation group based in the United States
The South Jersey Paranormal Research group
Group based in South Gloucestershire, UK.
Society for Paranormal Investigation and Research Instruction Theories
Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal
Research and investigations in southern Jersey.
Southern Paranormal (SPIRIT)
A non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with paranormal problems.
Seeking the Dead Paranormal
STDParanormal is a nonprofit group of paranormal investigators.
Signs of Ghosts
A dedicated investigative team in southern West Virginia with over 35 years of experience.
Tennessee Spirits Paranormal Investigations
Investigations based in Tennessee USA
TFC Paranormal Research Team
Paranormal research and investigations based in the Bryan/College Station area of Texas
The G.R.I.M Union
Group based in the Toronto, Ontario area of Canada.
Teesside Research Into Paranormal Activity UK
Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
A Canadian paranormal research group
Tri-State Paranormal Research
Covering NY State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Texas Oklahoma Paranormal Research Center
UK Parasearch
Investigation team based in Northwest England.
United Paranormal Research Society
We are a team of paranormal researchers. We are based out of Southern Illinois and all of our investigations are done free of charge. We conduct all our investigations using scientific means and do not claim a haunting without first ruling out any possible explanation due to normal and logical reasoning.
The United Paranormal Investigators Association
Washington State Ghost Society
Research team based in Washington State
  1. hector perez says:

    Hi, I really think it’s going to take all possible assistance in these years that follow so I get to serve those in need

  2. mgr says:

    So there is only branches if i can call them that in those three countries?

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