Fairview, Oregon Ghost – Latest Reports

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Incorporeal, Legend, Sighting, Stories
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During the daylight hours Fairview, Oregon is an average US town, but there are out of the ordinary things happening in this town during the dark hours. The living dead are everywhere in this town as the locals will inform you. Some locals say these descriptions are not true, but the phantoms of Fairview are out tonight trying to locate someone to scare.

These are some of the spooky things that have happened in nearby cities and towns.

The next is an anonymous report from a sensitive woman who was driving towards the city one night:

Gresham 3 miles away: The Gresham, Oregon home I grew up in is haunted. Not by anything frightening, but definintely someone. All my life; when downstairs, you could hear footsteps upstairs, walking from one end of the hou…

Washougal 8 miles away: I was sleeping out on the Couch when family had come to stay. Around 1:30 or so all the lights in the the room and in the kitchen turned on I just kind of lied there pretending nothing had happened but…

Washougal 8 miles away: I have perceived the ghost of a Chinese man several times (I think he was a railroad worker in the 1800s) who was killed near 6th, and I streets. If anyone knows anything about this, please reply….

Washougal 8 miles away: I was in my house with my friend and I was walking through my house and I saw a grey man’s figure walking with a black and white suit on. And at the timeI was living with my grandmother. Her husband u…

Vancouver 8 miles away: I am a sensitive. I am empathic. I want to get involved with research and investigating hauntings. Is there any investigations coming up I can attend? partly because I need to prove to myself I am not…

Vancouver 8 miles away: I never really saw anything but I was with a Friend at a Park acrossed from Brentwood apartments and we were sitting there on the grass trying to close our eyes and see if we could Call apon anyone from the local area and…


At this point, the telephone went silent. We tried to reach the number, but apparently it got disconnected or in a cold zone.

  1. Mr Shotgun says:

    Ok, let me think. The person is AWOL right now. Gotta call the boys and pay the city a visit. Any seconds?

  2. Jay Cruz says:

    Hey, hombre, are you loco right now? haven’t you heard that Oregon is a level 4 GT????

    • seraphim 47 says:

      as far as the ghost of the china man..chinese imigrants were used to build the railroads back in that time and were known as track layers.it would take some research but try to look into the history of not only your house but the area around your house.the chances are that ,thats where he was attached to last ..i wouldnt worry to much hes harmless ..just lost and if you speak out to him and tell him the way things are he might vanish and move on..

      • seraphim 47 says:

        your house could have been a working quarters for railroad workers ! [hint] see when it was build and if its old enough the foundation might be limestone wch is known for drawing energy..spirits usually reside around places where theres alot of limestone or when theres lightning storms because its that much more energy that they can draw from

  3. kittracer says:

    hi, l read this site some mounts ago.. l dont understand why the keepers of this site dont publish more articles… this is an interesting subject. this is the world we leave in. we must learn how to defend our selfs from ghosts and deamons. some of you will say to me “you must beleave in God, you must pray.” l understand that. but l must say… l’m linked with the other world. l see most of thime ghots day and nigh.

    • duncansalazar says:

      We are trying to. Hopefully we will post more articles in May. We have about seven investigations going one, and two Master Degrees, mind you. Please, stay tuned for more news.

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